About Janus

We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of software development and System Administration. Our experienced staff of professionals has worked with a wide array of platforms, languages, and tools in the course of our various projects.We develop creative products and services that provide total communication and information solutions. Among web design and development, mobile development, tailor made applications, ERPs, CRMs, e-commerce solutions, managed hosting and internet portal management are few that we offer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop in a constant manner and grow as a major IT service provider to become a leading performer, in providing quality Web and Software Development solutions in the competitive global marketplace.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the business growth of our customers with creative Design and Development to deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage for our clients around the world.

  • Build Professional Responsive Web Designs
  • Experienced Mobile App Development
  • Software Solution using Web Applications
  • Professional Software Testing Services
  • Cloud Development and Platforms
  • Professional UX architecture & Interaction Design
  • Creating Visual Design match for Approaches & Methods.
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Our Portfolio

We helped many businesses build their software applications and websites

Our Services

We provide a wide range of Services. JANUS offers sophisticated web solutions and native mobile applications for all major platforms. We also provide Software testing services and test automation.

Web Design & Development

Our web development services come through our versatile, experienced and highly skilled team of professionals who are striving hard to do the heavy lifting for our clients.

Mobile Development

Our expertise in developing apps on both iOS and Android platforms has turned us into a successful android and iOS app development company.

ERP Solutions

The Integrated Management of Core Business Processes,by software and technology. The Management Software use to collect and manage byusing a Database Management System

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing solutions can include IT infrastructure, development platforms.In IT components, such as software, programming languages, networking & servers

Design and Branding

With our creative designers, we will provide you with the best original identity for your project/company

Web and Email Hosting

Hosting a website and email with the same custom domain ideates professionalism. It is a significant trait to every business, because being professional earns credibility.

Network Design and Administration

Our knowledgeable team of system administrators has an arsenal of highly optimized tools to enhance servers performance and monitor for problems prevention

Testing and Quality Assurance

We have our own independent quality control engineering department that consists of a team all members of which are highly experienced ISTQB-certified testers


Unique UX/UI Design

We have the know-how of building true Native Android and iOS applications for many successful projects. Handling all aspects of Mobile development, such as Push Notifications, Device Database, Complex UI, Hardware features, Low Energy Bluetooth Integration, Social Media Integration, Working with FireBase and Mobile Back-end Platforms and APIs.

Developing Applications don’t only rely on the delivery of functionality. It involves how the user interact with the application, the User Experience (UX) delivered to the user and various stakeholders.

Our Expert Tools

At JANUS, we have it as our ultimate mission to provide our clients with high-quality, top-notch custom-developed software solutions

Easy to Customize


Unique Design (UI/UX)


Business & Market value


Quality and Testing Delivery


Media production

Creating The Media Production for business strategy, content, videos, post design, listening reports, activations, Branding Identity and manage social community pages

Using Marketing and Communication tools to create a perception of value in the minds of your target customers. Your company's name, logo and symbols typically serve as the centerpieces of branding efforts. Your goal is to create an image that resonates with customers when they see your company's identifying marks. Differentiating your brand as top quality, most innovative, best value. There are hundred thousands of People out there waiting you to promote your brand, and we help you reaching them.
Social Media
Social media is promoting the visual content more than any other types of content. An Attractive and entertainment animation show for your product or service that attract the clients that prefer to watch videos before going to buy the product. Everything between production and creating the final master copy and Uploading it on Social Media Platforms or other purposes.
Promo Videos
Making video is inexpensive, simple and effectively deliver your marketing message. Introducing technical expertise with a deep aesthetic sense to produce high quality videos. to be creative and enjoy the work, informative and interesting videos for clients in all sectors worldwide. We can tailor your message to any audience whether through digital media, social media, advertising media, new media, or even print media.
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Our Great Clients

A growing list of Prestigious Clients around the Globe are trusting JANUS for its Quality and Persistence in Delivering Successful Projects within budget and timeline constraints.